Online college accreditation is one way to tell if a college is legitimate or not. There are plenty of technical schools that are not accredited and the education you will receive will probably not be considered of any quality by current educational standards. Also, if you try to transfer credit to another college, they will probably not accept it towards your degree requirements. An online college that is not accredited may end up costing you a lot of time and money without providing any rewards.

Accreditation means that a college has proven that what their curriculum is current and factual. The methods they use to teach meet the standard requirements set by the National Education Association or a similar accrediting body. While this organization is not the only group that can give accreditation, it is one of the few that is recognized by other colleges and employers. If an online school is accredited, they will usually display this information somewhere on their web sites. You can also call the National Education Association and they will send you their list of accredited colleges.

In the job market, there is still doubt as to whether online colleges provide the kinds of education employers expect their employees to have. When in an interview, you should always point out that the online college you attended is accredited, and also include it on your resume. This will put most employers at ease. Some employers do not have anything negative to say about online colleges, while others do not trust them.

Finding an accredited college and distant learning program is important for several reasons. If you are planning on furthering your education in a traditional college setting or with another online accredited college, you may have to take classes over if the school you graduate from is not accredited. Most colleges will not accept the credit hours you have already taken. When applying for a job, you should be able to prove the college is accredited or the company may not hire you. This is because there are online schools that will give anyone who can pay the tuition a diploma without teaching the information needed to survive in the job market.

Even after finding a college that is accredited, you will still have to research the school to determine if it is the right one for you. Just because a college meets the minimum standards for accreditation does not mean that it is a quality institution. By talking with admissions counselors, other students, and faculty, you should be able to decide if the online college is the right one for you. All schools featured on EDegreeUSA.com are accredited from state boards across the United States. You will get an excellent education whether you choose an online education or attend a campus. Good luck!


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